• China 1st brand in Integrated Solar Lights +
  • Military Grade High-tech Technology +
  • Rest from Vandalism and Battery Tampering +

The use of solar power generation, with unparalleled cleanliness, a high degree of safety, the relative breadth and offering adequacy of energy, long life maintenance-free benefits that other conventional solutions do not. In addition, this street light technology is cost effective with no need to lay/run cables and easy to install.

It comes in compact design to save your space requirements; lithium-ion battery; which is latest battery technology offering long life (over 8 years) and performance benefits; LED lighting technology; motion and photo intelligent sensing; PWM controller and rightly sized class A monocrystalline solar panel. All are designed to work for 12-14 hours daily in full power mode, and 3 times lighting hours when run in power saving mode. The product is suitable for use in urban owners, sub-trunk roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other similar places.

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