Integrated Solar Street / Garden Lights

Military Grade Integrated Modern Technology. Eliminate security lighting or battery and panel theft challenges with our modern integrated street light fitted with long life lithium battery

The use of solar power generation, with unparalleled cleanliness, a high degree of safety, the relative breadth and offering adequacy of energy, long life maintenance-free benefits that other conventional solutions do not. In addition, this street light technology is cost effective with no need to lay/run cables and easy to install. It comes in compact design to save your space requirements; lithium-ion battery; which is latest battery technology offering long life (over 8 years) and performance benefits; LED lighting technology; motion and photo intelligent sensing; PWM controller and rightly sized class A monocrystalline solar panel. All are designed to work for 12-14 hours daily in full power mode, and 3 times lighting hours when run in power saving mode. The product is suitable for use in urban owners, sub-trunk roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other similar places..

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We are committed to providing our clients with the best solution to the whole process of power generation, supply, conversion, distribution, optimization and other additional services

Innovative Solar Technology

Each solution is tailor made according to existing load requirements and the future energy needs of the client. Certainly ‘not a one size fits all’ approach offered by most of our competition.Our Systems are flexible (upgradable/downgradable) systems and are capable of selfcontrolling, self-protecting and managing according to a pre-determined target

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