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A solar microgrid is a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or collaboratively with other power grids. The practice of using micro grids is known as distributed, dispersed, decentralized, district or embedded energy production. It is important for areas that are economically or technically unable to connect to the main grid, such as islands or mountains or remote regions. Our micro grid system ranges from 300W up to 100kW, and with or without battery storage and the rightly sized high efficiency solar panels. A microgrid strategy that integrates solar resources can provide redundancy for essential services and make the main grid less used hence delivering electricity cost savings.

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We are committed to providing our clients with the best solution to the whole process of power generation, supply, conversion, distribution, optimization and other additional services

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Each solution is tailor made according to existing load requirements and the future energy needs of the client. Certainly ‘not a one size fits all’ approach offered by most of our competition.Our Systems are flexible (upgradable/downgradable) systems and are capable of selfcontrolling, self-protecting and managing according to a pre-determined target

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