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EPEVER Pure Sine Wave Inverter IP1000-22 24V 1000W


Fully isolated inverter technology
Advanced SPWM technology, pure sine wave output
Low harmonic distortion(THD≤5%)
110/120/220/230Vac output, 50/60Hz optional
Optional USB output port 5Vdc 1A with short circuit and over heat protection
RS485 communication port(optional for 1000W above models)
Output power limit function
Xtensive electronic protection
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IPower series is a kind of pure sine wave inverter which can convert 12/24/48VDC to 220/230VAC or 110/120VAC. Industrial design, compared with civil design, has a wider operating temperature, and easy installation, and operation. The wide input voltage range is ideal for solar system applications. The inverter can be applied in many fields, such as household emergency lighting systems, vehicle-mounted systems,s, and small field power supplies etc.

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