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Portable Solar Power Bank 1200W


• 1200W rated power + 1000Wh high capacity.

• Lightweight, small size, easy to carry.

• 2400W load lift, adaptable to most appliances.

• Supports PD100W output, digital display.

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1 Degree Electrolytic Lock Various Camping Scenes

It is easy to solve various electricity consumption scenarios, such as self-driving travel, family camping, field fishing and stall operation.

7 sockets cover all types of power needs at the same time.

Boost 1200W has 7 output ports for simultaneous charging, 1200W DC output socket, 100W Type-C, 24W USB-A, car cigarette lighter interface

Power surge for a smooth journey

Up-drive 2400W load, easily cope with all away from the power situation, location shooting, self-driving camping, remote office, a step in place, durable renewal machine, outdoor power no longer anxious.

Charging faster,Long endurance,Essential camping partners

Photovoltaic fast charging, at any time to renew your off-power needs, dynamic MPPT intelligent algorithm, more than 20% increase in charging speed.

Foldable handle, lightweight and portable, takes up no space

Product weight 9.5kg, compared with similar products to reduce weight 20%, with its foldable handle, only one hand can easily lift and move.

Product Parameters

Capacity 1000Wh | Net weight 9.5kg

Dimensions 300x215x195mm | Color Dark grey & black

Charge temperature 0至40°C

Discharge temperature -10至40°C

Charging methods Charging Indoor、Charging outdoor、Onboard charging

Full charging time 1.6h (AC), 9h (12V Car lighter charging), 4-8h (2X110W Solar panel)

Management system BMS, MPPT, over voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, low temperature protection, low voltage protection and overcurrent protection

AC Output (x 2) Rated 1200W (2400W peak)

USB-A output (x 2) 12VDC, 2A, Max 24W/port

USB-C output (x 2) 20VDC, 5A, Max 100W/port

Lichter output (x1) 13V/10A



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