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Portable Solar Power Bank 2200W


• 2200W large power rating + 2200Wh large capacity.

• Up-drive 3300W load with multiple intelligent protection.

• Support 800W PV fast charging.

• Super power supply to help home power backup.

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Uitra large capacity realizes power consumption freedom at will

It is easy to cope with the whole scene of outdoor power consumption, friends gathering, location shooting, self-driving camping, building outdoor kitchen, mobile cinema, and enjoying the feast of nature with family and friends in camping or RV travel.

Meet the simultaneous power needs of multiple devices

Boost 2200W has 4 AC sockets, 4 USB-A, 2 USB-C, 1 cigarette lighter interface, 2 DC output ports and wireless charging on the top, which can supply power to 14 devices at the same time.

Super Power Supply Helps Home Power Backup Scenario

Perfect fit for most commonly used electrical appliances. In case of unexpected power failure, it is very suitable for home power backup system, especially in some areas where power is unstable, it supports charging while using, and can also supply power to other devices when self-charging

Sate and durable, free from power outage anxiety

The choice of vehicle grade batteries plus IP67 pack protection, higher reliability, safety, longer life; 2200Wh large capacity can power ordinary equipment for several hours, is your camping, RV travel life is a reliable companion.

Software + hardware, multiple security protection

ATOMESS self-researched BMS battery management system, self-researched underlying logic algorithm plus vehicle-grade chip, to achieve intelligent supervision, enhance the performance of battery working conditions, and guard the safety of electricity.

Product Parameters

Capacity 2200Wh | Net weight 21kg

Dimensions 438x340x283mm | Color Dark grey & black

Charge temperature 0至40°C

Discharge temperature -10至40°C

Charging methods Charging Indoor、Charging outdoor、Onboard charging

Full charging time 1.6h (AC), 20h (12V Car lighter charging), 3-6h (8X110W Solar panel)

Management system BMS, MPPT, over voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, low temperature protection, low voltage protection and overcurrent protection

AC Output (x 4) Rated 2200W (3300W peak)

USB-A output (x 4) 12VDC, 2A, Max 24W/port

USB-C output (x 2) 20VDC, 5A, Max 100W/port

Cigarette Lighter output (x1) 13V/10A | Wireless charging (× 1) 15W



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