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Portable Solar Power Bank 600W


• 600W rated power + 500Wh high capacity.

• Fast charge technology, 1.6h full charge indoors.

• Can power up to 6 devices simultaneously.

• One-piece alloy casing for durability.

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Lightweight Outdoor Small Power Bank

Boost 600W Bi-directional inverter with 600W nominal power and 120W peak power, 500Wh capacity, small energy solution with powerful performance.

Traveling Light is designed for the mobile lifestyle

Lightweight and portable, it’s perfect for hiking and road trips,backup power eliminates your power shortage anxietv.

Attractive and convenient office entertainment without interruption

One-piece alloy body, one-handed control, go wherever you want, get rid of the indoor outlet bundleSay goodbye to power worries and power almost all of your electronic essentials, from your phone to your laptop to your drone.

where you want to charge, when you want to charge.

Enjoy off-grid living anytime and eliminate the fear of power outages. It can be charged by AC, solar panels and car DC ports, so you can feel comfortable while on the road.

Power up to 6 devices simultaneously

Boost 600W has 6 simultaneous charging ports to meet a variety of power needs, so there is no need to compete with family and friends for charging ports.

Product Parameters

Capacity 500Wh | Net weight 5.1kg

Dimensions 251X145X152mm | Color Dark grey & black

Charge temperature 0至40°C

Discharge temperature -10至40°C

Charging methods Charging Indoor、Charging outdoor、Onboard charging

Full charging time 1.6h(AC), 7h (12V Car lighter charging), 4-8h (1X110 W Solar panel)

Management system BMS, MPPT, over voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, low temperature protection, low voltage protection and overcurrent protection

AC Output (x 1) Rated 600W(1200W peak)

USB-A output (x 2) 12VDC, 3A, Max 36W/port

USB-C output (x 2) 20VDC, 3A, Max 60W/port

Lichter output (x1) 13V/10A



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